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The Mcknight foundation

The McKnight Foundation is a Minnesota-based family organization committed to improving the quality of life for current and future generations. The organization focuses its efforts within the state of Minnesota, poising itself in the Midwest as a location of notable progress in combating climate change, but also as a platform via which to enact change on the national level. Yet, the McKnight Foundation has a vested interest in global change and directs significant support to programs throughout the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. The organization is concerned with a broad range of regional and national interests, including by not limited to community development, youth development, the arts and literacy, and climate and energy research. Their program endeavors to maximize the value of artists’ work within their communities. Without the generous support of the McKnight Foundation, Phase Change would have been impossible.

Climate generation

A will steger Legacy

Climate Generation is an organization with a vision of a sustainable and equitable future for all. Founded by polar explorer and environmentalist Will Steger, the organization looks to explore issues of climate change that have come to define the current generation. Youth Environmental Activists Minnesota (YEA!MN) is the organization’s youth program that brings together high school environmental clubs in critical dialogue about global warming. YEA!MN creates a space to share skills and strategies to combat climate change, to develop youth leaders, and to help spread awareness on local campuses and communities. YEA!MN volunteers engaged with visitors at Northern Spark 2016, prompting them to share their experiences with climate change and guiding them through the installation. They also helped collect water from the melting ice walls and bottle it as souvenirs for the visitors.

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